Heat Treat 19 now accepting technical papers


Heat Treat 19, the 30th Heat Treating Society Conference & Exposition, is October 15-17, 2019, in Detroit, Michigan. Position your research and organization as heat-treating thought leaders by submitting original, previously unpublished, non-commercial papers for oral and poster presentations for the Heat Treat 2019 technical program.

Heat Treat 2019 will feature new technologies, new market trends, and new market segments. Be a part of the change and help shape the future of the industry by submitting an abstract.

Completed manuscripts that are of sufficient quality may be selected to be published in a special issue of the Journal of Materials Engineering and Performance (JMEP). Please indicate your interest in that option when submitting your abstract, and note that earlier manuscript deadlines will apply to allow for the peer review process.

Complimentary full conference registration will be offered to all presenting authors who submit a full manuscript (6-10 pages) for the proceedings.

Abstract Deadline is February 8, 2019.

The Heat Treating Society encourages submissions relevant to thermal processing of materials, including the following topic areas:
• Additive Manufacturing / 3D Processing.
• Applied Technology/Processes and Applications.
• Atmosphere Technology and Surface Engineering.
• Automotive Lightweighting.
• Induction Heat Treating.
• Internet of Things.
• Low Temperature Surface Hardening of Stainless Steel.
• Materials Durability/Mechanical Testing.
• Microstructural Development/Characterization.
• Powder Metallurgy.
• Quenching and Cooling.
• Residual Stress.
• Thermal Mechanical Processing.
• Thermal Processing of Non-Metals (ceramics, composites, polymers).
• Vacuum Processes and Technology.
• Welding/Joining.

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