Praxair Inc.

Praxair, Inc. is a leading industrial gas company in North and South America and one of the largest worldwide. Praxair produces, sells and distributes atmospheric, process and specialty gases, and high-performance surface coatings. Our products, services and technologies are making our planet more productive by bringing efficiency and environmental benefits to a wide variety of industries, including aerospace, manufacturing, primary metals, heat treating and many others.Gases

Praxair offers the atmospheric gases: oxygen, nitrogen, and argon. Praxair also provides rare gases including krypton, neon, and xenon and process gases such as hydrogen and carbon dioxide. These gases are provided in their highest purity in quantities required by the customer.

Metals & Materials Processing Focus

At Praxair we are proud to supply hundreds of steel mills and metals processors worldwide, with industrial gases that help strengthen steel and improve energy efficiency & productivity.

We also offer a wide range of services that include the layout design, build, start-up and support of industrial gas supply systems. We’ll work with you to meet your specified mechanical requirements. We offer a diverse portfolio of heat treating gases that can improve the quality and appearance of your metals, help you make highly reproducible parts and give you more control over your process. These offerings include gases for annealing, brazing, carburizing, quenching, sintering, and inerting.

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