Machine Operator, Metal Fabrication, Second Shift


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Tends metal fabricating machines such as cutoff and band saws, shears, rolls, brakes, presses, forming machines, spinning machines, and punch, that cut, shape, and bend metal plates, sheets, tubes, and structures:

Reads blueprint or job order for product specifications such as dimensions and tolerances, and tooling instructions such as fixtures and determines sequence of operations.

  • Ability to operate a variety of metal fabrication machines such as, cutoff and band saws, shears, rolls, press brakes, CNC punch and laser to cut, shape, and bend metal
  • Selects, positions, and secures tool in tool holder from CNC programming.
  • Positions and secures work piece in holding device, machine table, or fixtures.
  • Moves controls to position tool and work piece in relation to each other, and to set specified feeds, speeds, and depth of cut.
  • Observes operation of machine and verifies conformance of work piece to specifications.
  • Operates CNC grinder to sharpen tools.
  • Sets up and operates machines and equipment.
  • Accurate inventory control thru data input of material usage into the AS400 inventory control system.
  • Knowledge of operation and basic preventative maintenance of equipment.

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