Jul 13, 2018

Can-Eng Furnaces selected for North American expansion

Can-Eng Furnaces International Limited was recently awarded a contract from an India-based conglomerate.

Can-Eng Furnaces will design, manufacture, install, and commission an Aluminum Automotive Casting Heat Treatment system for the conglomerate’s new green field North American expansion in South Carolina.Can-Eng was chosen for this project largely due to the unique Modular Design concept which offers efficient product, process, and production flexibility for our partners’ new line of Die Cast Light Weight Aluminum Automotive Components. This solution treatment, water quench and artificial aging system are arranged to provide both T5, T6, and homogenizing processes. The new system will service three distinct aluminum product groups with unique treatment cycles.

This new project is yet another modular system for Can-Eng, which have been a valuable offering to Can-Eng’s Partners since 2005. Most beneficial to users is the ability to plan and scale its equipment capital needs to its production capacity needs.

Can-Eng Furnaces International is a global provider and leader of state-of-the-art thermal processing systems headquartered in Niagara Falls, Ontario, Canada

Aluminum Automotive Casting Heat Treatment

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