Jun 27, 2018

Solar Atmospheres adds state-of-the-art 10-bar furnace

Solar Atmospheres, Inc., in Souderton, Pennsylvania, recently installed a state-of-the-art Solar Manufacturing, Inc. 74” diameter by 72” deep horizontal internal quench vacuum furnace at its Clearview Road facility. The investment totals more than $1.8 million, including additional utilities and installation. The furnace is designed to quench with argon at 10-bar while using a 600-horsepower motor running at 460 volts from a variable speed drive, and rear head moveable gas baffle doors.

Two Leadar Roll, Inc., 2,200-pound rolls, 4,400 pounds total, heated to 2150°F, quenched in 10-bar N2 and then tempered at 1,000°F. The core material is 4140 with outer case CPM9V, and the as-quenched hardness is greater than Rockwell C 60. (Courtesy: Solar Atmospheres)

The goal of the massive quench system is to be able to quench larger batches of power generation castings by increasing the cooling rate and eliminating the supplemental use of helium and operating in 100 percent argon, which has proved successful in operation. The furnace incorporates Solar Manufacturing’s latest SolarVac® 5000 control system, which allows for complete process automation.

“This furnace is a real game changer,” said Mike Moyer, Solar’s director of sales.