Mar 8, 2018

New apps for E1500 portable emissions analyzer


The E1500 hand-held combustion emissions analyzer by E Instruments International is a new, rugged unit with the ability to measure CO & O2 from high efficiency and condensing boilers, burners, engines, turbines, kilns, furnaces, incinerators and other industrial combustion processes.

Featuring a new large color display and expanded internal memory, the E1500 lets users easily see and save sample data without worrying about running out of memory. The E1500 also features pre-calibrated, field replaceable sensors which allow for easy diagnostics and replacement to reduce down-time and costly repair charges.

The E1500 portable flue gas analyzer is designed for emissions monitoring, maintenance and tuning of boilers, burners, engines, furnaces, turbines, kilns, incinerators, and many other industrial combustion processes.

·      Data-Logging Software:  Users can connect the analyzer to the computer to manage test data.

·      Droid & iOS Compatible Apps: Download the app to create QR codes, save and send tests, and more.

Other E1500 Features:

·      O2 & CO gas sensors

·      Built-In printer (non-fading paper)

·      Automatic data saving feature

·      Temperature & pressure measurements

·      Internal data memory (2,000 Tests)

·      Software package with USB & Bluetooth