Jan 19, 2018

UPC Pro app designed as heat-treater’s reference guide

UPC Pro is a go-to app for calculations relating to alloy factor, carbon/oxygen, endo generator, nitriding, nitrogen-methanol, resistance thermometers, shim test, thermocouple conversion, and Waukee Flo-meter. The app is intended to serve as a reference in the course of a heat-treater’s daily work, whether developing heat-treat recipes or corroborating process data.

What’s possible with UPC Pro?

  • Calculate various parameters such as alloying factors for carbon uptake in steels, gas composition, and potentials for endo generators, carburizing, nitriding, and nitrocarburizing furnaces
  • Set flows for direct injection of nitrogen and methanol, but also for conversion of signals from thermocouples and RTDs to temperature
  • Calculate carbon potential from shim weight
  • Select the right Waukee flow meter for your application, and more