Jan 19, 2018

Lindberg/MPH ships 1,200° C tube furnace

Lindberg/MPH announced the shipment of a 1,200° C single zone tube furnace to a manufacturer of electronic components. The 1,200° C tube furnace offers exceptional radial and linear temperature uniformity, process repeatability, rapid heat-up and response, and requires minimal maintenance. It is ideal for annealing, ashing, carbon firing, ceramic firing, hardening, sintering, solution treating, stress relieving, and other heat-treating applications.

The temperature range of this tube furnace is 100° C to 1,200° C and the work chamber dimensions are 3” to 6” diameter x 36” heated length. The tube furnace can be used for horizontal or vertical operation. The furnace shell is designed with two highly effective insulating air spaces, which results in lower exterior surface temperature than other designs. The 1200° C tube furnace uses a Eurotherm programmable controller that offers multiple programs and uses PID control and auto-tune for fast, efficient start up. The over-temperature control protects the furnace and load from over-heating.

“The split-hinge design of this tube furnace allows for easy observation, fast cooling, and convenient placement of the process tube. It provides overall ease of operation for the customer and can be used for processing a variety of material such as ceramic, quartz, or alloy process tubes,” said Shaina Scott, applications engineer

Features of this Lindberg/MPH 1,200° C single zone tube furnace include:

  • Designed for horizontal or vertical operation.
  • Patented Moldatherm® LGO™ heating element modules.
  • Long-life, energy efficient elements.
  • Unique cabinet design.
  • Heat-reflecting element support assembly.
  • Compact cabinet with high temperature resistant painted finish.
  • Accepts interchangeable Moldatherm® tube adapters.
  • Long-life Platinel® II thermocouple(s) with 10’ compensated lead wire and polarized plug.