Jan 19, 2018

Conrad Kacsik delivers cost-effective control panel retrofit

The thought of replacing costly systems on industrial furnaces can be daunting. Capital expenses can easily reach into the millions, and aging equipment is often made obsolete by process changes or lack of manufacturer support. Allied Machine & Engineering (AMEC) of Dover, Ohio, a manufacturer of hole-making and finishing tooling systems, was experiencing a number of issues with its vacuum furnace controls, which had become obsolete with the manufacturer out of business. AMEC had old controls on its four furnaces, and that was leading to considerable downtime — expensive equipment was idle due to control issues.

AMEC sought Conrad Kacsik to perform a comprehensive review of its systems. The company wanted to avoid overpaying for services it didn’t need or want, but also wanted to ensure its systems were running optimally. While conducting preliminary research, Conrad Kacsik impressed AMEC by uncovering some unmet needs while speaking directly with AMEC furnace operators to understand how the company worked with its furnaces. AMEC ultimately chose Conrad Kacsik because the proposed control panel solution delivered ease-of-use and innovative features. Conrad Kacsik’s experience, full-service capabilities, proven track record, and expertise — demonstrated by its Nadcap compliance consulting and other leading-edge work — helped AMEC make the final decision to hire Conrad Kacsik.

Conrad Kacsik did more than facilitate the installation of AMEC’s new Honeywell HC900 control panel. The comprehensive job centered on the control panel but brought considerable automation and simplified a number of processes for AMEC.

Conrad Kacsik maximized value by using all of AMEC’s viable equipment to create a reliable vacuum furnace system. AMEC had good starters, relays, and furnaces, so Conrad Kacsik built around that infrastructure to deliver all the benefits of a new system while using as much existing hardware as possible.

“We had four unreliable furnaces with old controls,” said Bryan Cope, manager of heat-treating at AMEC. “Now, everything is more dependable. We have more uptime, and if there’s a problem we can quickly understand what went wrong and resolve it. We record everything along the way.”

The new control panel offers many advantages:

  • Ease of use: Employees only need to learn one system, one time.
  • Long-term support: Parts and factory support are readily available, and AMEC is not tied to Conrad Kacsik or any other vendor for that support.
  • Improved features: Running, monitoring, and collecting data is streamlined, simplified, and made more reliable with the latest software.

Conrad Kacsik is a one-stop shop. The company is able to evaluate systems, provide training and consulting services, deliver engineering advice, and install systems. And everything they do is backed by deeply committed expert service.