Thursday, October 17, 2019

Selecting the correct industrial ovens for finishing applications

Finishing is defined as “completing the manufacture or decoration of a material or product by giving it an attractive surface appearance.” In industrial applications,...

The Advantages of an All-Metal Vacuum Furnace Hot Zone

For more than 70 years, the vacuum furnace has been available for metal processing requirements, and is widely accepted as the ideal equipment for...

Freezing Out the Competition

Most companies are looking for a secret that can help them keep a step ahead of the competition — a little edge to run...

Additive manufacturing and gas technology applications

As the demand for additive manufacturing (AM) products has steadily increased, so have the many enabling technologies including laser powder bed fusion, laser metal...

Plasma/ion nitriding for enhancing component properties

Thermochemical surface treatments, such as plasma/ion nitriding, are effective ways of enhancing the mechanical properties of ferrous and titanium alloy parts . Through the...

Using vanadium alloys

Vanadium is a commonly used alloying element in high strength low alloy (HSLA) steels because it improves strength and wear resistance through the precipitation...

Getting the thermal treat results you want

How aggressive quenching and other drivers lead to high performance

Gas carburization techniques

A comparison of conventional and accelerated methods for surface hardening

Induction hardening of cast irons

The success in induction hardening of cast irons and repeatability of obtained results are greatly affected by a potential variation of matrix carbon content.

Filler metal control in sinter brazing

The control of the filler metal at the braze joint of a sinter brazed product has significant impact on the quality and yield of complex shapes.

Customized, modern process control system saves time, money

When a manufacturer of fasteners and fastening system components needed a more reliable process control system, it turned to Conrad Kacsik for an upgrade that would work with its older hardware.

Heat treatment of PM parts by hot isostatic pressing

Several advantages can be seen by using pre-stressed wire-wound hot isostatic presses for consolidating of metal powder.

Benefits of graphite and C/C fixturing

More heat-treating engineers are making the switch to graphite fixturing using carbon composite materials.

Temperature and accuracy

Three basic steps that can help in selecting the right thermocouple wire.

Noise in instrumentation circuits

How to control and understand “noise,” as well as installation considerations.

Cryogenic process and application to ferrous alloy

Cryogenics or sub-zero treatment is the third parameter required to achieve maximum hardness in ferrous alloys.

Selecting Industrial Vacuum Pumps

An analytical guide to the down-select process.

Reliable Vacuum Supply for Plasma Nitriding

Plasma nitriding is becoming more and more important for heat treatment.

Aerospace Testing & Pyrometry

With its motto, “Profit from our knowledge because quality is our standard,” Aerospace Testing & Pyrometry keeps a laser focus on aerospace pyrometry compliance and a top priority on the customers it serves.

Case Study: Cost effective, low distortion carburizing of internal helical ring gear for transmissions

There are many critical factors that are assessed when designing a gear that will be used in demanding applications such as engines or transmissions....