2013 Spring


Company Profile: CEIA USA

CEIA USA has created a solid foundation of reliable solid-state generators featuring the highest quality standards and performances.

Tim Byrd

How Gears Fail

Material issues such as hardenability, grain size, and inclusions can result in various gear failures. This underscores the criticality of steel cleanliness as well as controlling...

Daniel H. Herring

Recent Inventions and Innovations in Induction...

Depending upon the gear size, required hardness pattern, and tooth geometry, gears are induction hardened by encircling the whole gear with a coil (so-called "spin hardening...

Valery Rudnev

Typical Heat Treatment Defects of Gears and...

In this paper, the commercial heat treatment software DANTE is used to investigate three examples of heat treatment defects. Improved processes are suggested with the help of...

B. Lynn Ferguson

Tighter Control Through Understanding What Your...

Furnaces may have multiple operating ranges, meaning they may need to have TUS's performed more frequently.

Steve Miller

Gas vs. Liquid Quenching: A Direct Comparison in...

High hardness occurs where high volume fractions of martensite develop always nearer the quenched site. Lower hardness indicates transformation to be incomplete.

Robert Hill

Deep Cryogenic Treatment

DCT is a very important process to the gear making industry. If done correctly, it can increase product durability and reduce tooling costs.

Frederick J. (Rick) Diekman

Heat Treat Process For Gears

Different heat treating processes – as well as the materials being treated – impart particular qualities in your gears. Allow Bodycote to provide a deeper...

Nicholas Bugliarello, Biji George, Don Giessel, Dan McCurdy, Ron Perkins, Steve Richardson & Craig Zimmerman


Site Safety

An Open Communication System Throughout Your Facility

Marty Keylon

Quality Counts

Using Process Control and Scada in Heat Treat for Process Improvement

Jim Oakes

Metal Urgency

Induction Hardening Choices for Gears

Daniel H. Herring & Fred R. Specht

Hot Seat

Lighter Weight and Increased Fatigue Strength with Adi

Jack Titus

Q&A: Tom Ott

Sales Manager – Proceq


Three-Chamber Casemaster Evolution Vacuum Carburizing Furnaces from Seco/Warwick

Seco/Warwick Corp. has received an order for a three-chamber CaseMaster Evolution® Vacuum Carburizing furnace with washers, tempers, and a full data retrieval system. The contract was signed recently and Seco/Warwick Corp. will provide the equipment for a worldwide aerospace manufacturer....

April 3, 2013

Super Systems, Inc. Releases SuperCALC,

Super Systems Inc. has released SuperCALC, an advanced calculator app for the heat treating industry available on iPhone, iPad, and iPod and Android smartphones and tablets. These apps are available for free.  SuperCALC includes: • The Furnace Calculator, which calculates %carbon, dew...

April 3, 2013

Solar Manufacturing Receives Vacuum Furnace Order From Major Gear Manufacturer

Solar Manufacturing, Inc. recently received an order for a Model HVC-3836-2IQ horizontal, front-loading vacuum carburizing furnace from Aero Gear, Inc., a major gear manufacturer in the United States. This furnace will be used for the carburizing of a variety of gears applicable to both the...

April 3, 2013

United Process Controls Welcomes New North American Sales Manager

United Process Controls (UPC) is pleased to announce the appointment of Paul Torok to the position of North American sales manager. Mr. Torok will be responsible for driving the sales growth for UPC’s heat treating controls and instrumentation, as well as Waukee flow controls. Mr. Torok will...

April 3, 2013

Lucifer Furnaces Supplies Box Furnace to Lycian Stage Lighting

Lycian Stage Lighting, a leading American based manufacturer of theatrical followspot lights has updated its heat treating with a Lucifer Furnaces bench style box furnace. Lycian Stage Lighting’s products can be found in high school auditoriums, on Broadway, and in the Olympic Opening and...

April 3, 2013

Applied Process, Inc. Hosts First AP University

More than 30 designers and engineers went “back to college” to learn how austempered ductile iron (ADI) could work in their manufacturing operations. The first ever AP University, hosted by Applied Process, Inc. was held in January at Eastern Michigan University on the Livonia Campus...

April 3, 2013

PRODUCT SHOWCASE: Presenting the eldec MIND-M

The eldec MIND-M is the compact, “smaller sibling” of the full-featured MIND hardening machine series from eldec; it is a complete, integrated system for your induction hardening application, eldec MIND-M Flexible Integrated System, or any other induction heat treating of small parts....

April 3, 2013

ALD-Holcroft Expands Sales Representative Network

ALD-Holcroft has signed Telesis HV, LLC as exclusive sales representatives in Kansas, Louisiana, Oklahoma and Texas. Telesis HV, LLC is a manufacturer’s representative firm that has been serving customers involved in vacuum-related processing for 30 years in the Southwest. They have a broad...

April 3, 2013

Solar Atmospheres of California Approved By General Electric Aviation, UTC Aerospace Systems, and Moog

Solar Atmospheres of California (SCA) is now an approved supplier of General Electric Aviation (GEA), UTC Aerospace Systems (UTAS) and Moog Corporation.  These well-known companies were recently added to a rapidly growing list of prime contractors on the West Coast who have audited and...

April 3, 2013

Aerospace Testing & Pyrometry Announces the Hiring of Colin Thomas

Aerospace Testing & Pyrometry would like to announce the hiring of Colin Thomas as the newest addition to the ATP team. With over 30 years of professional experience, Colin has in-depth knowledge of all major aerospace heat treating systems and processes. He has extensive experience with...

April 3, 2013

Modultherm from ALD-Holcroft: Automated Vacuum Furnace Systems Centered on Process Flexibility

ModulTherm is a highly flexible, fully automated concept in vacuum thermal processing technology. It combines high productivity with virtually unlimited flexibility, while reducing thermal treatment costs and ensuring the high quality you expect from vacuum processing.ModulTherm combines three...

April 3, 2013

Wirco, Inc. Acquires Salloy, Inc.

Wirco, Incorporated is pleased to announce the recent acquisition of Salloy, Incorporated located in Simpsonville, South Carolinia. For over 30 years, Salloy has produced the highest quality alloy rod and wire fabrications for customers located throughout the east coast and midwestern states....

April 3, 2013

Advanced Heat Treat Corp. Completes Quality Systems Section of Nadcap

Advanced Heat Treat Corp. (AHT) completed the Quality Systems section of the Nadcap (National Aerospace Defense Contractors Accreditation Program) audit with zero findings. The audit took place February 25-March 1st at their Waterloo, Iowa facility, and although it doesn’t officially grant...

April 3, 2013